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Friday, August 17, 2007

A Good Day

After a week of suffering physically, I gave in and went to the doctor yesterday. I took care of myself. So today, I'm feeling better. Plus I got a good long night's sleep. I took care of myself. I also got to babysit my granddaughter today. I also got to go out to dinner with my spouse and we didn't argue about anything. I took care of myself. So today was a good day. And now it is raining with the sun shining at the same time. I love fall and it is coming!

I remember thinking yesterday that summer will be here again in no time and how would I ever survive those long, hot months... talk about fearing the future, especially the uncontrollable like the weather! But that was yesterday when I was tired and not feeling good. I hadn't taken care of myself yet. But after I did, I had a good day. And I expect tomorrow will be a good day, too. Because you know what? It usually just depends on my attitude, my taking care of myself...

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