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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Taking Risks

Okay, I've been playing it safe for too long. Even though that is what I needed when I first came into Al-Anon and for many years. To be with and interact with people like myself who had agreed to treat each other with mutual respect in order to recover from the effects of someone else's alcoholism. But now, now that I've practiced "correct" behavior through service work and around my family members, now it is time to step out of my comfort zone and take a few risks.

Today I began that process. I met with a non-program person to discuss our common interest which has nothing to do with a 12-step program. I had never met this person before today. We found each other online. I trusted my Greater Power to tell me if she was safe. I believe she is, especially since we're meeting in a public place and not making any huge commitments. And if it doesn't work out for us to continue meeting, we can always agree to stop.

It's not like I haven't been taking risks all along. I took a risk coming to Al-Anon for the first time. I took a risk every time I set a boundary with my drinking spouse before and after he got sober. I take a risk every time I leave my house, either on foot, on my bike, or in my car. Every time I pick up the phone to call a friend or relative, I take the risk of being "rejected" - of someone saying "no."

I have and can continue to live the Serenity Prayer - to ask God for the courage to change the things I can. In other words, to take a few risks...

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