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Monday, September 12, 2011

Ah, Fall :-)

My flowers are blooming again with the cooler weather. The windows are open rather than the A/C being on. A few leaves on my shade tree are turning gold. I can move my office off the dining room table and back upstairs. I love it. I made it through another summer.

I also made it through some rough weeks there in August when my thoughts and emotions were riding the roller-coaster in my head. I have a new service position that requires a lot of paperwork but also a lot of contact with other people, which is the hard part for me.

I would contact someone and wonder what was wrong with me when they didn't get back to me. I'd lay awake at night worried I had said or done something wrong. Then I learned to pray for that person rather than worry about it and, voila, almost like magic, they would get back to me and even say something nice.

We also have a happy occasion coming up in our family, which is great but stressful. I found myself obsessing about that, too, even when the details are not up to me. I only have to take care of my part, which isn't putting out fires from circumstances and spats between my children. I found myself saying the Serenity Prayer to get to sleep.

Funny thing about asking for serenity - I get it. I'm able to let go of the craziness I feel and let the coolness of God's hand rest on my forehead. I made it through the hot summer again as well as some sticky situations. Just for today, life is good. 

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At Thursday, September 22, 2011 7:57:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm really encouraged by what you said about learning to pray for the other person rather than worrying... I needed to hear that now. I'm worried about my partner who's dealing with his alcholic father and new wife who are in town for a visit. I find myself wanting to tell him how i would do things if I were him. I've directed him to today's reading in Hope for Today, fully sure that if he would only read it, it would solve all his problems and give him all the answers he needs. As I'm typing this out, I realize how crazy that sounds. What do I know about what's good for him today? Only his Higher Power does, not me. I need to let go. Pray for him and let go of the worrying, and need to make all things right for him. Thank you, Al-anon Lifer.


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