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Monday, January 26, 2009

Blogging from Belgium

Hello from Brussels where I am visiting an Al-Anon friend. We just returned last night from the 7th European Al-Anon Convention in Oostende on the North Sea. Yes, it was very cold outside but inside the hotel it was warm both physically and emotionally. This is truly a worldwide fellowship! So what am I learning? Patience, because I do not have my own car and have had to live a lot by the relaxed schedule of the Europeans. About the time I go home on Thursday, I will have slowed down myself and then I will be back with my spouse who means it when we set a time to go somewhere.

It's not that my friend does not mean it, it's just that the phone rings or she remembers something else she needs to do and time goes by. The Europeans are more apt to not cut phone calls short, giving each other more time to chat than the "I've got to go" attitude in America. If we aren't super busy in the USA, then we're not important seems to be our attitude. So How Important is it that we have a timeline today and stick to it? Not important at all, especially since we had one at the convention and will have one tomorrow to make her meeting and then on the day I need to catch a plane.

In the meantime, I can live in the NOW, enjoying the wood fire and quiet of the suburbs - maybe catch a little nap while I wait - or maybe not use the word "wait" - instead meditate. That sounds much more positive and serene, doesn't it! So off I go to do something not so productive or active... may you all have a few moments of peace today to remember your God and ask for guidance while practicing gratitude...

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At Monday, January 26, 2009 8:21:00 PM, Blogger Syd said...

Great that you are in Belgium. I agree that we need to take more time with each other in the US. We are in such a rush...for what?


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