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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Laying Low...

I'm laying low today after a fun weekend in New York City. Hubby and I ended up walking all the way across the Manhattan Bridge to our hotel in Brooklyn. We got to see the Brooklyn Bridge in front of the lights of the city, only dimmed by the fog covering the tops of the skyscrapers. Even though it had been raining, since the wind wasn't blowing, it wasn't that cold.

I say that now even though I caught a cold. Fortunately, I had nowhere to be today so I could truly take care of myself and get better before getting worse.

A physical illness like a cold is obvious, but what if I had caught some al-anonism while in NY. It would have been understandable since I was with my sober spouse but not-sober son and his girlfriend. I could have reacted to their behavior but I knew better. I knew that they are on their journey and it took me a long time to get into recovery.

I also remembered all the times my Greater Power has let me know that She cares deeply for my children and has protected them many times, although not always in the way I thought they should be protected. I am not here to question Her wisdom. She knows best. Besides, I don't have any power or control over my adult children. I hardly had any control over them when they were minors.

So because of years of Al-Anon under my belt and the serenity I have both earned and been blessed with, I didn't get spiritually, mentally, or emotionally sick. I only caught a cold, and a little one at that. It is manageable, unlike the "ism" I had years ago before I found Al-Anon. Just for today, I am grateful. Just for today, I am at peace. Just for today, I am laying low.


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